We pride ourselves on being some of the brightest & hardest working Madden players in the world. With $450,000+ in tournament winnings between our coaches we know what it takes to win at the highest level of competition. The best part? We want to share this knowledge with YOU. Have any questions about our process? Be sure to check the Q&A at the bottom of the page before booking your first session.

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    2x Seahawks Club Champion

    M20 Madden Bowl Runner-Up

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    Madden 21 Cowboys Club Champion

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    Madden 21 Club Series Champion

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    Madden 20 Bengals Club Champion

    Madden 21 Cardinals Club Champion

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    3x New York Jets Club Champion

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    Lord Kev

    Madden 20 Minnesota Vikings Champion

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    Madden 20 Chargers Club Series

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Q & A

How does coaching work?

After you book your session – you’ll be sent an email to join our Discord. Once you’re in our chat your coach will be able to connect with you. At that point he will ask what exactly you need help with BEFORE your session. When it’s time for your session you’ll hop into an actual game with your coach while on Discord voice chat OR Party chat. At this point anything is fair game. Your coach is yours for an hour – ask him anything and work on anything you desire. After the session is complete your coach will provide you with write-ups/notes that recap what you went over.

What’s the price for a coaching session?

You’ll be able to see what the price is for each coach once you click the button to book a session. For the most part the rate is $60/hr but you can use discount code “COACH20” for 20% OFF your first session with ANY coach.

Can I cancel my session & get a refund?

As long as you don’t cancel within 24 hours of your session you can get a full refund. After the session is complete we can’t offer any refunds.

Can I go over film with my coach?

YES. Infact – this would be the most efficient use of your time since you can skip over certain bits and your coach can take a look before your session. If you want this option be sure to have your gameplay uploaded to YouTube and send the link to your coach.

What’s Discord & do I need it to be coached?

Discord is the go-to text & voice chat for gamers around the world. It’s highly recommended that you become a member for the best service possible. But if you need to settle for party chat on Xbox/Ps4 or even a phone call – we can arrange that.

Have more questions?

Reach out to us! You can click the Discord link located in the menu to join our community or you can simply visit our Contact page which is also located in the menu.