By Ace | @acemaddentips | July 30th, 2021

Perhaps one of the biggest reveals from EA’s MUT stream last night was the introduction of a new feature called ‘Halftime Adjustments’

When a game reaches halftime both users will be given the option to change their team’s abilities on both offense & defense. Each user will be given roughly a minute max to make any kind of adjustments.

Here’s a look at the menu they showed:

Halftime Adjustment Notes

☑ Both teams get to make Halftime Adjustments

☑ Adjustments can be made to Offense and Defense

☑ Only equipped Abilities and X-Factors can be activated or deactivated

☑ X-Factor and AP Limits still apply


While we’ve yet to see what this feature could mean for the overall quality of the game it seems pretty apparent that you will need to spend more $$$ this year to keep up. It could be entirely possible for you to win games without utilizing adjustments – but there’s no denying that you’d be at a disadvantage.

Imagine a scenario where your opponent goes up by 10-14 points and switches to a run heavy ability/scheme for the second half with no adjustments to counter his new abilities. This is exactly why this feature could turn from unique to annoying very quickly.

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